Gnoss Field Airport Proposed Runway Extension EIS and EIR
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FAA Issues Purpose and Need Working Paper and Request for Public Comments

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) informed Marin County on January 9, 2015 that an updated aviation forecast and a supplement to the June 2014 Final Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for the Proposed Extension of Runway 13/31, Gnoss Field Airport, Novato, Marin County, California, would be required for the proposed project to proceed.

A Purpose and Need Working Paper has been developed to provide additional information to the public and regulatory agencies regarding the proposed extension of Runway 13/31 at Gnoss Field Airport, Marin County, California. Changes in aviation activity have reduced the total necessary runway length at Gnoss Field Airport from 4,400 feet, as identified in the June 2014 Final EIS, to 3,600 feet. As Runway 13/31 is currently 3,300 feet long, the current total necessary runway length of 3,600 feet could be obtained with a 300-foot runway extension, instead of the 1,100-foot runway extension identified in the June 2014 Final EIS.

The FAA has issued the following public notice and purpose and need working paper:
The FAA held a public meeting on June 2, 2016. The following presentation was given by FAA and consultant staff: